Elastic Blog clock ? One (1) today.
Well when it comes to celebration like this, most people always says “like play, like play” but I will not say so cause I really have passions for it and I walked ? towards it and with God with me and the the full support of my boss when it comes to blogging, he’s one of my wonderful friend, school and course mate but my senior; the person of Olorunyomi Tunde founder and owner of “www.duketundesblog.com“.
He thought me and put me through on how to register my blog on so many platform that I have to for it to be known, recognise and be available for the reading of people all over the world after I have signed up.
This blog “Jahelastic Blog” started full blogging and operation Thursday June 18th, 2015.
I happened to be someone who like posting of News and information, Updating the world on what’s going on here and there.
I first started by taking pictures of strange and happening things I see on my way out, my way back home or at anywhere I am and post it on all social medias I have sign up to.
I enjoy seeing people go through it, liked it and even comment on it.
People noticed this and started advising and encouraging me in so many ways like;
– Oh we enjoyed your post
– Are you sure this is real
– Where did you see this
– What exactly do you do?
– Are you a Reporter, News Caster, Information Officer and so many like that…….
The most encouragement came from my brother “Prince Ademowore Adelana Babatunde” (Naval Officer) a.k.a Neckshave who said something one day when we were talking and gisting.
That, “I noticed you like posting information and happening things online. As a System Engineer, Network Admin, Website Design and Analysis, Access Data Base Designer and have little idea of Programming.
Why not have your own website were you can be posting your happening and information things for people’s enjoyment.”
I was so moved and very happy with the advice and moral support he gave me.
Then I went online to search for a simple site to start from when I came about blogging.
I first registered with one site like that which I didn’t find easy to use and wasn’t encouraged with it.
I continued with my online research for another site when I came across “Duke Tunde’s Blog”. I checked it out and I see it’s Google platform. I clicked on a link on his blog and I was directed to “www.blogger.com” where I now register mine.
All this researches and registration was done on phone ? and ever since then till this time, all my blogging, arraignment, blog info update, designing of my blog official logo is being done on phone.
Not long after I registered to become a blogger, my friend and my boss came across it, contacted me and said “I can see you want to become a blogger” I said yes cause I like and love giving people information.
He now said, “with the little knowledge and experience in blogging that I have gotten, i will help, assist and support you” which he has really being doing till this moment.
He always monitor every post I do, and is either he call, SMS, mail and contact me in so many ways (my social medias) to correct me on my errors and mistakes.
He do tell me on how to correct so many things and do some arrangements on my blog which I always listen to him cause he knows more than I do and he as been on it before me.
He also thought me how to gather News, Information and Trending gist.
He told me about some popular bloggers to follow that by viewing their blogs, I’ll get more understanding on how to be a good and better blogger.

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