EyiEko Movement Convener and Utiva CEO, Ogunmola Eyitayo Ebietoni, Launches N20 Million Support Fund in Ifako-Ijaye

By Arikawe Femi

Mr. Eyitayo Ogunmola, the MD and CEO of Utiva, a Global Talent Development Company, also the convener of the EyiEko Movement, launches a N20 million support fund for its constituents in Ifako-Ijaye Local Government Area in Lagos State.

Eyitayo Ogunmola with Empowerment Beneficiaries

The loudable event, which took place on Saturday, June 10, 2023, at Austino Event Centre in Ifako-Ijaye Loval Government Area of Lagos State, recorded the contributions of Eyitayo Ogunmola, popularly known as EyiEko, to the people of his constituency as beneficiaries applauded him for the great work he has been doing for his people.

It was also recorded that each beneficiary who benefited from the EyiEko Movement went home with a cash gift of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000.00) each.

Eyitayo Ogunmola, the convener of the EyiEko Movement, is an edu-tech entrepreneur whose mission is to give back to his people and also empower young men, women, the elderly, and the disabled in his community through the EyiEko Movement Initiative as a support project.

Following the 5-point agenda of EyiEko under community support groups, human resources development, and capacity building aimed at enhancing businesses and human capital, however, the EyiEko organizing committee couldn’t hide their excitement over the laudable initiative.

According to Ogunmola, while addressing the press, the N20 million support fund is intended to assist residents of Ifako-Ijaye and its surrounding areas in developing skills that will either help them launch a new entrepreneurial endeavour or help them earn a good income as a way of giving back to the community that raised him. People’s Voice can report.

“I was born and raised here. My mother got support, and that’s how she was able to raise me.

That’s why I want to support other people, especially women in my constituency, because they are going to raise great children.

Eyitayo Ogunmola with EyiEko Team Leaders

“We’ve got a very vibrant community here; Ijaye is one of the best and most vibrant communities of young people, and we have to invest in our community so that we can have a brighter future.”

Regarding funding for this project, the tech expert stated: “For me, profit is good, but profit has to be reinvested, and I always make reference to when I was going to school: there is no way my mother could have been able to pay for the university education being a child raised by a single parent.

The education that I received wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the community that actually invested in education for people like myself.

“I need to reinvest that money and give it back to the community that raised me and brought me to the limelight.” Eyitayo said.

He urged other successful young people to come out and rally behind their communities in order to create a healthy and safe environment for our people.

“Let’s continue to build. For me personally, the woman that you’re giving N100,000 to today will raise another great and successful son who will need it.

That’s how we can raise great children and a great future for all,” he added.

Speaking to journalists at the opening, Eyieko Movement’s chief operating officer, Ms. Oluwafisayo Ajayi, described the organization as a youth movement that aims to empower young people so they may have a sustainable environment and support them in their chosen careers.

“The goal of the bi-monthly program is to help at least 30 young people who are already in business or wish to start one succeed.

We urge the government to get involved in projects like these by providing jobs, empowering people with tools and equipment, empowering them with knowledge through training, and more. She said.

Mr. Adedoyin Olorunsola, Media Head, Eyieko Movement, stated that the project was created out of Eyitayo Ogunmola’s objective to remove endemic poverty in the community by empowering people, particularly those at the grassroots, to put them in the spotlight of development.

This empowerment is focused on ending poverty among Ifako-Ijaye people, regardless of their tribe, age, ethnicity, or religion.

Also speaking at the event is the EyiEko Movement Mobilization Team Lead, Comrade Aborishade Abiola, calls on the government to support EyiEko’s initiative for the community.

He also appealed to the beneficiaries not to mismanage the little they are given but to use it well to project their lives and businesses.

One of the benefactors of the Eyieko Movement support fund, Mrs. Bukola Pasida, a nail technician, promised to use the funds to boost her business, get a shop, and expand her business so as to train other people.

“I appreciate the EyiEko movement for its support.

It means a lot to me and my family.

I was also a beneficiary of food during the naira scarcity period, and I pray for higher heights for the facilitators of this project,” she said.

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