Peter Obi Wasting Time, Entertaining Nigerians At Election Tribunal – Popular Pastor

Senior Pastor of Waiting for the Second Advent Ministries, Adewale Giwa has urged Labor presidential candidate Peter Obie to find something else to do instead of waiting for justice in the election petitions court.

On Sunday, Giwa said that Obi was only entertaining Nigerians while addressing his members in Akure.

He said: “I knew you couldn’t go too far.

No popularity on social media can stand the test of time.

When it’s not your time, it’s not your time!

He betrayed his boss, Atiku, which put him in the spotlight.

If you love Nigeria as much as declared, why didn’t you wait to fight the war in your political party?

All of a sudden you changed and pretended you weren’t part of the system that brought us to where we are today.

“According to Proverbs 16:5, God cannot digest pride, hypocrisy, and betrayal.

The Lord says He will put them upstairs in their place.

We know every politician will be held accountable if anything goes wrong in Nigeria.

“He is just wasting his time entertaining Nigerians; don’t forget that I told you that the last presidential election was between the two old men I described as thieves.

I said the better one would eventually lead the country.

“When I also told you that Obi was a presidential candidate on social media, his people insulted me because they didn’t want to hear the truth.

They had a series of meetings with their sponsors, who deceived them that they were going to win.

Now he suddenly became a rich man at the expense of the poor who did not know where he was going.

They say truth is stranger than fiction! “Please don’t waste your time, my brother.

For the Lord does not see as man sees: Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

He went on to state, “Whoever is president has to prove that one of us is right or wrong. Only time will tell.

All these are corrupt politicians.

What we want is when you are stealing money there, remember the citizens and let them taste the national cake.

“The money belongs to the citizens of Nigeria.

At the very least, nothing can stop you from transforming the country and protecting the rights and dignity of individual Nigerians.

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