President Paul Maduakor Proclaims 2024 as the ‘Year of Amputee Football’ in Nigeria

President Paul Maduakor of the Nigerian Amputee Football Federation (NAFF) has officially announced 2024 as the “Year of Amputee Football” in Nigeria, marking a pivotal moment for the sport’s growth and development within the country.

In a press release, President Maduakor extended heartfelt New Year wishes to all Nigerians while highlighting the significance of the upcoming year as a period brimming with opportunity for amputee football in Nigeria.

He expressed excitement for the journey ahead and highlighted the immense potential that awaits NAFF, calling on corporate entities to join hands to harness and capitalize on these prospects.

A key highlight in the men’s amputee team’s calendar is the Amputee Nations Football Tournament scheduled for April in Egypt.

The tournament stands as an important qualifier for the World Cup, holding immense importance in the team’s quest for global recognition.

In addition, Maduakor proudly announced that Nigeria was represented at the inaugural Women’s Amputee World Cup in Colombia this November, showcasing the expanding scope and inclusivity of Nigerian amputee football.

As amputee football continues to grow in popularity, President Maduakor has called on corporates to take advantage of the growing enthusiasm surrounding the sport and be part of its inspiring journey.

President Maduko expressed his gratitude to all supporters of amputee football and invited them to join this extraordinary journey.

“This is the time for you to come and support us, and there is something for everyone – players, coaches and board members,” he said.

Concluding with a New Year blessing, President Maduakor prayed for continued divine guidance and special blessings for all in what promises to be a dynamic and transformational year for disabled football in Nigeria.

About the Nigeria Football Federation (NAFF)

The Nigerian Amputee Football Federation (NAFF) is the governing body for amputee football in Nigeria and is dedicated to promoting and developing the sport, while advocating for inclusion and empowerment through football.

Join us in making 2024 the year of amputee soccer!

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