Nigeria as said is the giant of Africa and happened to have many kind of religion in it. As many as the religions are, what exactly is their usefulness in the community they are located?
Apart from preaching the Gosple, Deliverance and Breakthrough, what else do they have at hand to give people most especially, their members. To be realistics, they make lots and huge amount of money at every services they do especially on Fridays (Vigil) and Sundays (Thanksgiving).
With this huge amount of money they make every time, what help have they offered people in their community or even their members? And if they have plan of doing that, then, when exactly are they going to start doing that?
Personally, am sure they don’t have much in plan for the community because if they do, how many days, weeks or months will it take them to plan it not to talk of when they plan starting it.
Lots of their members don’t have food to eat, but still go to worship and still put their last kobo in the offering bags to act according to the Gosple being preached to them that the moment they do so, the Lord will open the window of Heaven to them and bless them mercifully.
What am trying to say here is that are religions looking into members welfare, community’s welfare and most especially Nations welfare? They said they work for God, but the truth is that God didn’t suffer people to make Gosple known to them.
In the Holy Bible, there is a passage where Jesus was preaching the Gosple, He later noticed the people He was preaching to are very hungry and that will affect them from paying attention to the preaching, and if at all they listen, they will not understand it just because they are hungry.
He asked His deciples if they have food to feed the multitude of people? They answered Him no that what they have ( 5 loads of bread and 3 fishes) will not and can not feed all the 5,000 people.
Jesus told them to bring it, He prayed on it and they feed 5,000 people with it, and after they have eaten to the fullest, 5 basket was gathered of what is left and Jesus told them to bring it to him because notting must waste.
But in the present Religions of our time, all they do is to gather money and wealth for their own pocket and personal use. Let’s take a look at religions schools and institutions as a very good example.
Nigeria Religions gather money from their members through different kind of contribution to have their schools and institutions built, from rich people, average people, and even from masses.
All this people and family do join hands together in this contribution to sow seed to God and to be part of the school beneficiary by sending their children there, but never been given opportunity after warts.
Hardly can you see any church member’s children in the school just because the fee is on a very high side and killing. To me, this is BAD!
Another way Religion can help this country is by subsidizing for the Nation’s feeding. How do i mean?
Let’s assume Nigerian Government agriculture want to sell a bag of rice at the rate of N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira), the Religion leaders and rich people in the Nation can always come together  and tell government that they are ready to help the Nation by subsidizing for the rice at the rate of N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) so that people can buy that same bag of rice at the rate of N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira).
If this is been done, won’t Nigerians be enjoying it? And same policy can also be applied to other goods in the Nation.
Religious leaders and rich people should please try and come together to move the Nation to the permanent site and stop making money for their own personal use and am very sure God will lift them high.
Just please give it a try!

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