Nigeria can never grow or develop!

With the way the situation of Nigeria is going now, I have studied and see it can never grow nor develop. African complexion which is black is really affecting us and giving us set back. And that’s the believe of white men world wide.

We so much complain about how wicked our leaders are which truly they are but forgetting that we the citizens are just same thing like them.

We the citizens complain every day about the way we are been ruled, but how do we by ourselves rule our family, companies, people working with us like our staff, maids, drivers, gardeners, cleaners and so on……..

In Nigeria, we see bad side of others forgetting Our own bad attitude & characters.

As a blogger, I sat myself down and look at how Nigerian medias are operating, am very disappointed in them. To me I think they are telling Nigerians and the whole world that they seems to have forgotten their roles and they have forgotten they need to be fear and balance.

Nigerians are so blind and wicked to the extent of always looking for down fall of a good thing or good people.

When something is in town, you don’t need to castigate it just because you don’t like it or you don’t have interest in it.

Medias write most of their news based on what they were told without carrying out any investigation.
I have being reading different news through different websites, online news, blogs and so on concerning MMM. They have been publishing what is not happening and what they don’t know.
MMM is a platform that when not on it, believe me or not, you can’t know how it works or understand how it works, you’ll only say it the way you are been told it informed.

All this while that MMM was still active & effective, all this hypocrites and bad people did not see the helps & assistant MMM rendered to people that Nigerian government can’t do.

MMM have bring back to life some dead businesses in Nigeria, some dead companies back to life, those who are jobless where able to start something with the 30% they see.

What have Nigerian government done about jobless people, in which way have the rich people in the country help the poor people? Instead of helping and assisting the poor people, they turn them to slaves.

Look at how Nigeria is now, unless you wicked and bad people don’t want to say the truth, ever since MMM have been well know in Nigeria, at least poverty rate reduce a bit if not much, rubbery rate reduced, baby kidnappers reduced especially this festive period, we all know what use to happened.

The Holy Bible have even said it that the heart of man is full of evil.

We don’t wish ourselves well at all, all we run up and down for is the down fall of ourselves.

All the medias in Nigeria that are writing rubbish about MMM now as the participants account have been frozen for a very good reason, where were they when MMM participants are helping the community, giving goods to IDPs, people in the Hospital, motherless home and so on…………

MMM does not have central account, participants send money to themselves.

Pentioniers (old people, I mean people’s parent) are out there crying for their money after so many years government have used them. No media is talking about it.

All this Pentioniers are doing rally from time to time, and some of them are dying in the process, government spending our money lavishly enjoying themselves, building hotels for themselves, buying expensive and flashy cars for themselves with our money and Nigerian are going hungry day by day,  medias are afraid of saying the truth just because they’ve sold themselves out to the politicians.

Nigeria at 56years, our eyes are still blind to development. We keep doing evil to ourselves everyday and the evil we do, go after us.

I pray we become wise on time before it’s too late!

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