2023: Nigerians Looking Up To PDP To Rebuild Our Nation, Anyim Says As He Declares For President

Senator Anyim Pius Anyim

Former Senate President, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, has said that Nigerians are looking up to the return of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to save the nation from the ruins occasioned by the ruling APC in the past seven years.

According to him, “Nigerians are looking up to the PDP to rebuild our nation; to protect lives and property; to restore the respect of Nigeria within the Comity of Nations; to re-align the political structure of Nigeria to reflect the current realities; to revive our economy and save the naira; to rebuild our broken-down social fabric; to create jobs for our teeming youths and rehabilitate our collapsing educational systems among others.

Senator Anyim who was also the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) during President Goodluck Jonathan administration made the assertion when he declared interest to contest for the 2023 presidential election under the umbrella of the PDP during a briefing and consultative session he hosted for the zonal and state executives of the opposition PDP as well as selected political leaders and elders from the South East states including Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo at Best Western Hotel, Enugu yesterday.

The former SGF maintained that Nigerians expect PDP to return to power in 2023, adding that Nigerians are looking up to the PDP to rebuild the nation, the task which according to him is no mean one.

The former Senate president said: “As we prepare for 2023 elections, I take the liberty to say that the challenge before our great party is how to deliver on the expectations of the Nigerian people.

“My brothers and sisters, the summary of these expectations is that Nigerians expect PDP to return to power, so that our nation can resume the march to greatness.

“The above tasks are no mean ones. The political pedigree, vision and credentials of who leads the party to accomplish these tasks must command priority attention and consideration of our great party. It is in furtherance of this that I put forth my credentials and records for your consideration.

“I would like to state that I have stood with our party, the PDP, in good and bad times.

Like most loyal party members, I have had my moments of elation, as well as some difficult times but I never moved. I have never switched parties.

Therefore, I make bold to say that I can be entrusted with the vision, mission, values and principles of PDP as a committed party man;

“I have been privileged to understand our national problems and appreciate their enormity and peculiarities in the last 21 years from my vantage positions in both the legislative and the executive arms of government.

Therefore, I have a clear view of the task ahead as well as the solutions needed to advance the cause of our country.

“My records as President of the Senate and as Secretary to the Government of the Federation clearly show that I am more interested in building strong institutions than seeking enhancement of personal power or position.

My records show effective and efficient management of the nation’s diversity on the basis of equity, justice, fairness and inclusiveness.

“I am a committed believer in the rule of law; and will always promote and protect the sanctity of lives as well as the rights and liberties of all citizens.

“My brothers and sisters, I consider it a privilege to stand before you today to brief you and also consult with you on my resolve to step out to contest for the leadership of our beloved country.

My decision is a product of some years of prayers, reflections and introspection on not just my capacity and preparedness to take on the task ahead, but also deep thoughts on our national challenges and the solutions they demand.

“It is therefore with a sense of humility that I step out as a Nigerian with patriotic fervour, considerable knowledge of our country – its diversities and current challenges; and so properly equipped with clarity of the needed solutions.

Let me elaborate; as a young officer, at the then Directorate of Social Mobilization, I understood the need for value orientation as a tool for instilling patriotism.

“I was also schooled to appreciate the value of social justice, equity and fairness as building blocks for social harmony and inclusion.

As a young politician I imbibed the founding vision of the PDP as a grassroot movement that would provide leadership that will respect the rule of law, ensure that power belongs to the people and deliver national cohesion and inclusiveness through good governance.”

Emphasizing further on why he is qualified to pilot the country’s affairs, Senator Anyim said that as a Senate President, he was loyal to the party (PDP), saying that he managed the party’s diversity to the extent that ethnicity was never a consideration in all the activities of the Senate.

He insisted that his leadership in the National Assembly not only promoted independence and stability of the legislature as an institution, but also equality of all constituencies and their representatives and so enhanced productivity in the National Assembly.

Similarly, Senator Anyim noted that as SGF, he devoted his energy to helping the president to give focus to the presidency on the core needs of all Nigerians, maintain harmony among all ministries, agencies and departments of the government and ensure equity, fairness and inclusiveness in allocation of resources and appointments.”

He however noted that “My experiences notwithstanding, I do not claim to be the most qualified from the South East or any other part of the country.

I am only offering myself to continue my services to my country in the capacity of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, at a time, I believe, my experiences will be needed to save our beloved country from drifting further.

I am convinced with due modesty that I am willing and available, ready and equipped, by experience and exposure, temperament and humility, capacity and competence to serve Nigeria at this point in time as her President.

Senator Anyim who appreciated Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State and Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State for remaining the PDP governors in the South East zone said that he has “Individually briefed and consulted with them” and “I have also consulted with leaders and statesmen, party elders and other critical stakeholders across the country.”

The purpose of the consultation according to him “is to gauge the mood of the nation, seek counsel, blessing and listen to leaders and elders on their perspectives on the way forward for our country.”

He maintained that “Our aims and objectives are shared by all. We seek a more united nation. We desire inclusive governance. We will work towards a more progressive federation.

Above all, we will work towards an equitable, just and humane nation that will guarantee peace and prosperity for every Nigerian both living and unborn.”

South East PDP leaders, elders endorse Senator Anyim

South East PDP leaders, elders endorse Senator Anyim Pius Anyim for 2023 presidential ambition

Responding to Senator Anyim’s decision and call for support for the 2023 presidential ambition, the PDP leaders and elders in their resolution signed by His Excellency, Senator T. A. Orji and Chief Duru-Iheoma (SAN) unanimously endorsed him and stated as follows:

“That the choice of who becomes President of Nigeria in 2023 has become a strategic imperative for the future of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In this regard, the vision, capacity, experience and disposition of the next president will make the difference about the socio-political stability and economic development of the country.

“That Senator Anyim, through us here assembled, wishes to express his profound gratitude for the overwhelming warmth and understanding which leaders across the nation showed to him and his aspiration throughout his wide-ranging and extensive consultations so far.

“That we appeal to the Peoples Democratic Party in the interest of equity, justice and harmonious national cohesion to zone their presidential ticket to the Southern zones of the country and the South East in particular.

“That the people of the South East geo political zone have earned the right to occupy the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023 on account of their eminent qualifications and overwhelming contributions to the development of all parts of the federation through the years.

“We further reiterate that the choice of a South East citizen as presidential candidate of the party in 2023 will guarantee to every Nigerian a sense of equity, justice and inclusion in the management of the affairs of the nation. In our view, this is the best way of ensuring that we build a nation that leaves no one or group behind.

“On account of the foregoing, we congratulate Senator Anyim Pius Anyim for the patriotism of his decision to offer himself for national service by aspiring to contest in the 2023 Presidential race.

We take due cognizance of his precious record of distinguished and unblemished service as President of the Senate and Secretary to the Government of the Federation. In these positions, he distinguished himself as a detribalized statesman, consensus builder and true nationalist.

“We, therefore, unanimously endorse his aspiration with all conviction and enthusiasm and eagerly commend him to the rest of the nation as a worthy leader who will pilot the affairs of the nation towards greater security, unity and prosperity for all citizens.

“In furtherance of the foregoing, we hereby oblige Senator Anyim his request that we all join him to persuade and reassure every part of the country to do justice to the South East and thereby promote equity and justice as core values of our nation.

“In assuring Senator Anyim of our support for his aspiration, we wish to also extend the same hand of support and solidarity to all qualified and deserving sons and daughters of our zone with similar aspiration and who reach out to us as Senator Anyim has done.

“It is our solemn appeal to all the peoples of the South East zone to remain steadfast in the hope that we can all join hands in solidarity with all other parts of the federation to build a prosperous nation founded on democracy, equity and inclusion to the benefit of this great nation.”






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