History has it undisputable that Badagry ranks as first in many ways in terms of what is called civilization in Nigeria today. However, Badagry is mostly mentioned as serving as the foundation and the first host of civilization, but concrete and visible civilization can be better seen and felt elsewhere other than Badagry. What an irony!

Many factors could be responsible for the above situation both within and without. Notably, the development of any given society can never be actualised without the people themselves working consciously towards it.

America which is the world economic power for several decades was once a colony of Great Britain. America had to declare herself independent in 1776, and not until 1784, (8 years later) before her task-master (Britain) recognized her Independence. There are several of such delebrate effort in history by nations to break the circle of dependence.

At a time like this, Badagry needs to move away from routine politics of poverty-driven style of politicking to a level of changed narrative for Mega development.

We must move away from politics of petty projects and empowerment strategy that will only end up in making people poorer than normal.

We must move away from politics of sentiments that are not progressive in nature and crazy about overwhelming development.

The time has come for us to delebrately fish out people with intellectual capacity, global knowledge of purposeful leadership, independent resources and necessary connection and network to man our leadership space in order to attract MEGA AND UNUSUAL PROJECTS to Badagry and environs.

Hon. Mobolaji Ogunlende is a man who has demonstrated capacity in this regard through his kind-hearted disposition and activities over time.

We hope to see him soon in the race that will eventually lead to the actualization of the dream of MEGA AND UNUSUAL DEVELOPMENT in Badagry.


Augustine Mautin Kiki.

Member, FoRAK,

A Public Affairs Analyst and a Pragmatic Philosopher.





Trek Africa Newspaper

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