43-year-old technocrat, Chukwuka Monye, declares for President

Chukwuka Monye

A 43-year-old technocrat, Chukwuka Monye, has decried the level of failure of Nigeria as a nation, saying that the time to take over the governance from the older generation is now.

The Delta State-born social innovator stated this on Saturday in Asaba while declaring his intention to contest for the President come 2023 general election.

Monye whose slogan is “our future is now” wondered how the founding fathers would be content with Nigeria’s current state.

He said, “On this special day, which is also the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, I want to start by recognising and honouring our gallant and brave heroes who fought and sacrificed for the existence of our great Nation.

“Although, I wonder if our founding fathers would be content with the state of our nation day.

“Some of the questions that come to my mind are; how are Nigerians faring? How are owners of small businesses able to sustain their livelihood?

“How do we measure the value of a life when the pillars of the health sector are crumbling?

How can we go about our daily lives freely when violence, crime and banditry are on the rise?

“How are we empowering our children when the educational systems are declining?

How can we cater to the needs of the youth when there are not enough jobs?

These are some of the questions that bother me and perhaps are questions that our heroes past and present are pondering”

“For this reason, I, Chukwuka Monye, present myself to serve as the President of this great nation, Nigeria”

Monye, who anchored his vision on security, institutional reforms, and job creation, is yet to state the party platform which he intended to contest.







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