Operation Manager Of A Commercial Arrested By EFCC For Holding New Naira Notes


The Operations Manager of a leading commercial bank in the central Abuja area was arrested on Monday by agents of the Economic and Financial Commission, EFCC, for refusing to load ATMs, ATMs, to the bank despite having twenty-nine million Naira redesignated Naira notes in hand.

Branch vaults. before he was summoned for further questioning.


The officer ordered to load all the ATMs and pay the required amount at the counter.

To satisfy dissatisfied customers who spend hours queuing up without receiving a new bill.

The discovery, which indicates sabotage of the government’s monetary policy by some banks, was made in continuation of the EFCC’s ongoing surveillance and access to the wallets of banks across the country was done to verify whether they were deliberately refusing to issue the newly designed Naira.

Note More than five bank branches were covered by agents in Abuja on Monday.

Similar exercises were underway in area commands across the country.

In the meantime, EFCC assured that until the banking system returns to normal, the operation will continue.





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