We Are Ready to Ensure Violence-Free 2023 Elections – Gen Ajunwa Assures Nigerians

The General Officer Commanding (GOC) 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, comprising Lagos and Ogun states, Major General Obinna Ajunwa, has declared that everyone, irrespective of the profession one finds himself, is an equal stakeholder in the business of nation building, and therefore, committed to its peace even as the 2023 elections approach.

The General, who made this remarks while hosting selected journalists including the members of the National Association of Online Security News Publishers, NAOSNP at his residence on Queen’s Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos, insisted that everyone has a role to play to ensure a violence-free 2023 elections.

“I cannot do a journalist job, so also a journalist cannot do my job. The society needs the journalists just as it needs someone from the security agencies.

However, everything put together we are able to achieve a lot for the security. Without security, there can’t be development and vice-versa.

“We are all equal stakeholders. We all own the country together.

Sometimes, we are tasked to carry out some responsibilities that the society think is very important, but that doesn’t reduce the importance of the other person.

“I have been asked questions on the coming election. However, I want to asked how prepared are you as journalists because you have the ears to listen and the biro to write.

Sometimes, you know more than I know and hear which defines the concept of ‘see something and say something’,” Ajuwna stated.

Harping on the fact that the purpose of government is ensure the security and welfare of the people, Ajunwa stressed that everyone is working for the security of the country.

He added that the coming election is for all to ensure that everything goes well, not only for the Armed Forces or security agencies, saying “We are highly apolitical,” and ready to work with anyone the citizens elect, but will not sit back and watch innocent blood being shed all in the name of election.

“We will not allow any body’s ambition consume the lives of innocent Nigerians,” Ajunwa reiterated.

“If we are able to achieve election that is free of violence, we would be very happy.

I implore all of us to ignore our personal desires, and maintain peace.

I’m sure that whoever that wins is going to work for Nigeria not for an individual,” the GOC added.

He vowed that that the military will not relax until security is achieved.

“For us that are responsible for physical security, we are not sleeping.

We would continue to make criminals uncomfortable and keep them at bay.

We are okay ensuring that no innocent person dies because somebody wants to become somebody.

“Those who are innocent, law abiding and follow the rule of law, follow the due process and cast their votes, wait or go home, we shall provide them adequate security and ensure no harm comes to them.

But for those who want to thwart the system, we cannot say what those on ground will do to them,” Ajunwa warned.

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