Driver of Lagos Staff Bus in Train Collision Opens up And Reveals Why Crash Happened

Lagos employee bus driver Oluwaseun Osinbajo, which was involved in last Thursday’s collision with a train that left six people dead and several injured, has begged the victims for forgiveness.

Passengers on the bus that survived the collision blamed the 44-year-old for the incident, alleging that he ignored warnings not to cross the train line before the incident.

They said he had his headset on while driving and ignored the direction of the railway signal officers.

However, Osinbajo attributed the incident to a mechanical failure in the bus.

The driver, who is with the Lagos State Ministry of Transport, has been transferred to the State Criminal Intelligence Unit, SCID, after escaping the collision unharmed.

According to the Vanguard, he was heard telling those close to him, “It wasn’t my fault.

How could I have ignored the warning signs?

The bus has a mechanical breakdown.

“It’s a pity that this happened. I beg everyone affected to please forgive me in the name of God.”

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