2023 Guber Election: Polling Stations Attacked by Hooligans in Lekki

On Saturday morning, thugs attacked some polling stations in Ajiran district of Agungi, Lekki and Eti-Osa municipality in Lagos state and stole ballot boxes.

Journalists saw that the goons attacked PU 108, PU 007 and PU 028 in the area.

Moreover, it was observed that a large number of people went home fearing for their safety after the attack which caused a sharp drop in voter turnout in the neighbourhood.

A local resident who was beaten and beaten by bullies while bleeding over his head said he was intimidated while trying to vote.

Speaking to journalists on the condition of anonymity for fear of being victimized, he said, “I was trying to vote when thugs attacked my polling station.

They said I couldn’t vote if I didn’t vote for the APC [All Progressive Congress].

They started flogging and beating me.

It was gathered that the assassins were composed of male and female members and numbered about 20 who invaded the area.

Another resident, simply identified as Bayo, said: “The violence erupted between 9 and 10 a.m.

In our region, the number of voters who came out during the presidential election has decreased significantly.

We are still calling our people to come out and vote because the army has come and now things have settled down.”

It is understood the chairman of one of the estates in the area was attacked by thugs when he tried to approach them and urge them to stop harassing and intimidating voters.

At the time of filing this report, three military vans carrying armed soldiers had arrived in the area and peace had been restored.





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