Four Arrested Over Missing Body in Ogun Morgue

Operatives from the Ogun State Police Department have arrested four people over the missing body of the late Pa Joel Omiran, 86, who died a month ago.

The late Omiran was dumped in the morgue at Sacred Heart Hospital in Lantoro, Abeokuta, Ogun State after he died at the private hospital where he was taken for treatment.

The deceased’s children are said to have kept their father’s body in the mortuary until burial arrangements were concluded.

According to the Daily Post, the trouble began when the children visited the morgue during the week to collect their late father’s body, but the body was nowhere to be found.

The publication reported that a reliable source who spoke anonymously said, “Pa Omiran’s children left their father’s body in the morgue last month.

“However, they were shocked when they went to the hospital this week after a phone call to inform them that the body would be taken away for burial.

They cleared all necessary bills, But when they got to the hospital, they couldn’t find the body.

Every effort to retrieve the body was futile. “Two orderlies, an auditor and a plumber have been arrested.”

State Police Public Affairs Officer Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the incident, said the police were aware of the incident and four people were arrested.

“We are aware of the incident,” said Oyami. The body of eighty six year old Joel Amiran went missing in the mortuary of Sacred Heart Hospital.

“We have opened an investigation. The state CID, Eleweran, has taken up the case.

“Four suspects have been arrested. Two undertakers, an auditor and a plumber.’

Oyeyemi said the plumber was arrested for “We heard that a few days before that incident, He helped officers break down the morgue door when the key to the door was lost.”

The suspects were arrested on Thursday, he confirmed.

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