Davido’s Marriage Faces Fresh Crisis as Chioma Threatens to Move Out

There are indications that Davido’s marriage to his wife, Chioma, could be heading for the rocks following the allegation that the musician has welcomed another baby from his US-based lover.

This news is said to have thrown his marriage into confusion with his family reportedly making efforts to calm Chioma’s nerves amid claims that she threatened to move out of the house.

Recall that Davido announced weeks back that he and Chioma got married in the midst of their grief after the loss of their son, Ifeanyi.

But a new twist that is currently rocking the family of the music star is the allegation of his new child from a US-based woman, whose name is yet to be revealed.

A source within the camp of the singer who didn’t want his name mentioned told R exclusively that all is not well with the couple at the moment.

He added that Chioma, at a point, moved out of their Banana Island apartment. She has, however, been urged to come back home.

While Davido has tried to wave the news with the back of his palm, dust being raised by the alleged infidelity could cost him his new home unless something is done urgently to address the matter.

The singer had reportedly reacted to the mounting trouble in his marriage as he posted on his Instagram page, saying “God pass them all.”

The reaction has further fuelled speculations that the singer, whose new album, Timeless, is raking in huge numbers on streaming platforms, may indeed be going through a rough time.





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