Why it is Better to beg Bishop Oyedepo – Peter Obi

2023 Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi has opened up about his controversial conversation with Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church that was leaked.

Obi insisted that it was better to beg Oyedepo to order his supporters to snatch and steal ballot boxes from voters.

In leaked phone conversations, Obi begged Oyedepo to put pressure on his followers and Christians in the southwest during the most recent presidential election.

Obi described the 2023 presidential election as a “religious war,” hence Oyedepo should help convince Christians to support him.

The leaked conversation with the leader of the LP party sparked many discussions in the country, with many describing Obi as a religious fanatic.

However, speaking on Arise Television, Obi said: “Let’s assume I even begged the Bishop to tell his followers to vote for me to save Nigeria.”

Isn’t that better than telling my followers to snatch it up, steal it and run away with it?






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