Put A Halt To Establishment of New Tankfarms and Container Terminals; Ijegun-Egba Satellite Town Community Appeal With President Tinubu

••• Says Business is Killing Our People and Has Turned the Community into a Deplorable Place.

The entire residents of Ijegun-Egba-Satellite Town, Amuwo Odofin LG, Lagos State, under the auspices of Satellite Town Forum, have unanimously denounced and rejected the approval of Tankfarm-NorthWest Petroleum in the community area, saying the entire community is already choked up, fully developed, and a densely populated residential area, and the business operations aid in the killing of its community members.

This comes in a press release e-signed by the chairman and secretary of the Satellite Town Forum, Mr. Govenor Imitini (Chairman) and Mr. Kolawole Ariyo (Secretary).

In the press statement, despite the commitment of the House of Representatives (9th Assembly) Committee on Relocation of Tankfarms and Container Terminals from the Residential Areas, headed by Hon. Sergius Oguns and other Interministerial Representatives, the Federal Government, the Lagos State Government, and Amuwo LG, by now there will not be any new tankfarms in the community.

“We have unequivocally clamoured for the relocation of all existing Tankfarms and Container Terminals from Ijegun-Egba-Satellite Town because of the dangers and hazards they constitute to the purely residential community.

We cannot live side by side with highly inflammable petroleum products.”

“This business is killing our people and has turned the community into a deplorable place.

We live in fear and dread,” the statement reads.

“How can the Federal Government under President Tinubu do this to us when we are already looking forward to the relocation of all these businesses to Ibeju-Lekki, where the Lagos State Government claims to have provided a large expanse of land for these rancorous and dangerous businesses?”

“Why will the Federal Government, Lagos State Government, and Amuwo Local Governments collude to wipe off the community?

“Why establish a ‘New Tankfarm’, when we are told that Dangote Refinery will commence operations this month?”

We want the whole world to hold the President Tinubu Government, the Federal Ministry of Environment, the DPR, and the Ministry of Petroleum, as well as the Lagos State Government and Amuwo LG, responsible and accountable should anything untoward happen to the residents of Ijegun-Egba-Satellite Town.

The forum leaders lament.

“We totally and emphatically reject NorthWest Petroleum or any new tankfarm for that matter, and hereby call on the Tinubu government to put a halt to these and, in addition, relocate all Tankfarms and Container Terminals from Ijegun-Egba-Satellite Town.

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