Enugu State Government Issues Threat of Closure to Petrol Stations Involved in Meter Adjustment

  • The government strongly warns the sellers of petroleum products against practices that undermine consumers
  • Frustrating lack of an accurate metering system at all 15 gas stations visited Numerous complaints from residents and drivers prompt visits to address unfair practices.
  • The commissioner called on the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, Enugu Chapter to ensure compliance

Gas stations found to be engaged in clock adjustment and other deceptive practices to the detriment of consumers of petroleum products are at risk of being sealed off by the Enugu State Government.

Emeka Ajogwu, Commissioner for Special Duties, made the announcement Friday during an impromptu inspection of gas stations in the Enugu metropolitan area.

Ajogwu stressed that the state government will not tolerate any misconduct by petroleum product traders, which involves dispensing less amounts of fuel than customers have paid for.

The Commissioner expressed regret that the correct measuring systems were not available at all of the 15 gas stations he visited.

He specified that these visits were prompted by numerous complaints from residents and motorists about improper practices observed at gas stations across the country.

He asked the Independent Oil Traders Association of Nigeria, Enugu State Chapter, to call its members to order, stressing that the government would continue to sanction non-payers.

“For every 20 liters of fuel that Enugu residents buy, they will be converted to N768, N702, N682, N575, N441, N480 and for short N256,” he said.

“We view this as wicked and pure economic sabotage.”

Mr. Ajoggwu said Enugu Governor Peter Mbaha’s administration remains committed to increasing productivity as well as improving the lives of the people of the state.

“We will not fold our hands and watch this economic strangulation continue. It is insensitive, unacceptable and we will never tolerate it,” he said.

The commissioner warned the managers of petrol stations against such actions and instructed them to re-adjust their meters for the correct delivery of petrol products or face sanctions.

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