Lagos Makes The Study Of History Compulsory For Primary And Secondary Schools

Babajide Sanwo-Olu (Lagos State Governor)

The Lagos government says history studies will no longer be optional for students in the state’s elementary and middle schools.

In a statement Saturday, the state Department of Education said it had made history compulsory for students in the above grades in schools across the state.

However, the subject is to be offered as a compulsory elective in secondary schools.

It said its latest move is in line with Nigerian Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) guidelines.

“I have instructions from the OG (OEQA) to inform you that history classes are returning to schools as a separate subject,” the ministry statement said.

“The subject has been reinstated into the national curriculum and into Lagos State’s current unified work plans for primary and secondary schools.

“You have to note that the subject (history) is a compulsory subject in both primary and upper secondary school, but is an optional subject in upper secondary school.

“To that end, I am further directed to inform you that the subject should be taught in the 2022/2023 academic session in the Primaries 1 and 2 and JSS 1 and 2 grades.”

History has been largely eliminated from the curriculum of many elementary and secondary schools in recent years.

In many cases, within the framework of social studies and civic education, a few historical topics are taught without much depth.

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