Remain Peaceful As We Fight The Injustice Done To Us – Obi’s Teammate Tells Supporters

Labor Party (LP) vice-presidential candidate Datti Baba-Ahmed has called for calm in politics, saying the party has outlined legal action to challenge the results of Saturday’s presidential election before a competent court in the country.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Datti said Saturday’s presidential election was largely rigged as his party won the vote with certainty.

While declaring that the LP’s candidate in the poll, Peter Obi, will address the nation in due course, Datti said: “We believe that the alleged result does not meet the minimum criteria of a transparent, free and fair election.

In addition to the most reprehensible attacks Intimidation and voter suppression The elections were also conducted in a clear violation of the agreed and promised INEC rules and guidelines.”

“The Election Act 2002 as amended and the Nigerian Constitution as evident Government institutions and leaders are supposed to guarantee the sanctity of re-election and as in the past, cooperate and conspire to overthrow the will of the good people of Nigeria.

“Be assured of our determination to fight the injustice done to Nigerians by all legal and peaceful means.

Despite the pain, we ask you all to remain calm and peaceful as our struggle and resolve for a new Nigeria is just beginning.

“We equally encourage you all to continue with the campaigns and vote massively for the Labor Party in the upcoming gubernatorial and state assembly elections on March 11, 2023.

“Our president, the honorable Peter Obi will talk to you and the nation for sure. “He’s better than you can ever imagine.

He’s cheerful, he’s cheerful, he’s strong, he’s strong, and there’s more. He and I even believe more and more in Nigeria and the Nigerian people.

“Here we are. Our movement is less than eight months old and we won the elections in the Federal Republic of Nigeria where they had a concurrent eight-year government. As far as we’re concerned, we’ve earned this.

“They refused to upload the results, they refused to link to IREF just to beat us.

It took government illegality and a breach of the constitution to defeat Peter Obi and yours truly.

“I tell you we are winners, the Nigerian people are winners and the Nigerian nation is waiting for a day when Peter Obi and I will, through the cruelty of illegality and unconstitutionality, somehow come to power one day.”





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