Lagos State Warns Military, Police And Other Security Agencies Against Contravening Traffic Rules

The Lagos State Government has warned the Military, the Police and all other security agencies in the State against flouting Traffic Rules and Regulations on the roads and highways, saying, it will henceforth report to the right formation, any erring Officer found contravening.

A statement released at weekend by the Ministry of Transportation, objected to the rate at which Military Personnel, Police Officers and other uniform men contravene the State Traffic Laws with impunity, noting that the law is no respecter of anybody and must be obeyed at all time.

The statement added that the State Government wondered why uniform men who should be custodian of the Traffic Laws, work against it, stating that the government has resolved not to allow this menace continue unchecked.

While urging all Security Agencies to show exemplary conduct by leading the way in obeying the traffic laws of the State, the statement added that any form of physical assault of the State Traffic Law Enforcement Officers by the erring security personnel will also no longer be tolerated.

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