Ciered Visits HRM,  Prof Matemilola Saka, Olowu of Owu

The Center for Industrial Engineering Research and Economic Development (CIERED) recently paid a courtesy visit to His Royal Majesty, the Olowu of Owu, Prof. Saka Matemilola, who also happens to be a Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

The courtesy visit was aimed at informing His Majesty about the kickoff of activities at the CIERED’s knowledge economy hub and informing him about the goals and objectives of the CIERED, as well as its programs and projects.

It was also a rare opportunity to discuss and explore potential areas of collaboration with the Royal Institution.

The CIERED’s team, led by the director general, Engr. Dr. Oluwatobi Adeuyi, had the opportunity to discuss the aims and objectives of the center as well as some of the ongoing research initiatives and projects. HRM Prof. Matemilola also shared his thoughts about CIERED and how it is well positioned to bridge the gap between researchers and industry, as well as its ability to deliver the desired improvements through its development of local technologies and its adaptation to the society at large.

These improvements, according to His Majesty, are capable of improving the efficiency and processes of individuals and organisations as well as contributing to their economic development.

Speaking about the visit, the director of the Center for Industrial Engineering Research and Economic Development expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome received from the Olowu and his team. He also noted the importance of collaboration and partnership between industry and academia in driving economic growth and development.

Overall, the visit was a productive and informative exchange between the Center for Industrial Engineering Research and Economic Development and His Majesty, and both parties expressed their desire to continue exploring potential areas of collaboration in the future.

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