Pregnant Woman Stabs Housekeeper Over Bag

A Chinasa Anemem, a domestic helper, was stabbed by her unidentified aunt for refusing her orders.

The aunt, who is said to be overweight, stabbed Ananim after discovering she had disobeyed her directions by washing the bag.

The incident took place at his residence around Simeon Onyimofe Street in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State.

It was learned that the woman left Aneme, who was covered in blood after she committed the murder.

A yet unidentified neighbor, who said the woman loved subjecting the domestic worker to various forms of inhumane treatment, said he saw Anemem writhing in severe pain and engaged her.

During her interrogation, the domestic worker, originally from Anambra State, said: “My aunt used a knife to stab my body because I did not wash a bag.”

Angered by the development, the neighbor took out his phone and recorded a video clip that showed Anemem recounting the circumstances surrounding the attack that left her bleeding from her back.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, the neighbor is heard saying that the woman’s husband threatened him for revealing his wife’s actions. “It’s very bad, it’s May 19, 2023,” he said.

It is very horrible that some of us as parents may not be able to take care of ourselves, and now we will give the children that God gave us into slavery.

“Can you imagine this girl, this is not the first time, I am a concerned neighbor. This happens frequently.

The girl was subjected to inhumane treatment and gross child abuse.

“She sometimes misses school because she can’t do some housework.

This is what’s happening here on Adaloko, 18 Simeon Oniyimofe Street, Ojo “The woman who stabbed the girl and seriously injured her, her husband threatened to deal with me instead of thanking me.

And that’s why I decided to take this evidence.

Reacting, the state police public relations officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said the woman was arrested and transferred to the command’s revamped gender unit, adding that investigation into the case was ongoing.

He said, “The suspect has been arrested.

Heavily pregnant and released to go home.

She will come from home to the station.

“The case has been transferred to the command’s newly developed Gender Unit, where, in collaboration with the Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, she will receive appropriate medical care while the investigation continues.”







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