Over Seventy Percent Of Nigerian Agricultural Produce Rejected Abroad – NAFDAC

Professor Mojisola Adeyeye, director general of the China Food and Drug Administration, said that the acceptance rate of Nigerian agricultural products abroad is very low.

Speaking during the official commissioning of the New NAFDAC Office complex for Murtala Muhammed/NAHCO International Airport in Lagos, Professor Adeyeye said more than 70% of food exports from Nigeria are rejected abroad. In a statement on Sunday, NAFDAC’s resident media advisor, Sayo Akintola, Adeyeye said that if both parties cooperate, the denial of Nigerian food exports by some European countries and the United States of America may soon be a thing of the past. Government agencies such as port agencies have been strengthened.

Adeyeye said the deplorable state of facilitating export trade for regulated products leaving the country has continued to be a concern for the agency, adding that a trip to the NAFDAC export warehouses inside the international airport will explain the main reason of the continued rejection of Nigerian Exports abroad.

However, he noted that the agency faces the challenge in collaboration with the Port agency by ensuring that the products meet the regulatory requirements of the importing and destination countries.

“The mandate to protect the health of the population by ensuring that food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals and packaged water are safe, effective and of proper quality in an economy heavily dependent on imports of Most of its finished products and raw materials could never have been realized without the effective presence of NAFDAC at the ports and land borders,” he said.

She commended the Nigerian Customs Service, “Without customs, we wouldn’t be able to do many of the things we could have done.

The cooperation between Customs and NAFDAC is tremendous.

NAFDAC is a complex organisation. We are scientific.

We are the police and we work with the Department of State Services.

We work with Interpol and the FBI because of a few unscrupulous stakeholders.

“NAFDAC collaborates with Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Services to ensure that due diligence is done because over 70 per cent of the products that leave our ports get rejectedConsidering the money spent to get those products abroad, it is a double loss for the exporter.

Without the police, we can’t do much in terms of investigation and enforcement.

We have over 80 police officers at NAFDAC.

They help us a lot when we conduct searches or investigations as the case may be.






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