My Wife is Very Beautiful, I Want a Divorce – Husband Told the Court

In a surprising twist, a man has brought his marital woes to a local court in Lusaka, Zambia, saying he no longer desires his wife Hilda Maleya because of her extraordinary beauty.

Complainant Arnold Masuka, 40, made this unusual claim.

Both legal officials and observers were shocked by his request.

According to a report by the Zambia Observer, Arnold has initiated divorce proceedings, attributing his decision to his wife’s captivating beauty, which has caused him countless sleepless nights.

The situation escalated to the point where Arnold lived in constant fear, refraining from leaving Hilda unattended or even going to work, as he grappled with Hilda’s persistent worry that she might be seduced by other men.

Expressing his surprise, the principal clerk of the court, Mr. Chenjerai Chireya, acknowledged that this case presented a novel situation for him, as he had never encountered a claim of this nature during his tenure.

Arnold’s disaster prompted him to seek a solution through the legal system, driven by the realization that Hilda is the most beautiful woman he has ever met, originally from Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

QDuring the court proceedings, Arnold expressed his concern about Hilda’s frequent smiles, fearing that her bright personality might attract unwanted attention from other men.

Her intense beauty became a source of suffering for Arnold, prompting him to pursue divorce as a means of escaping this internal turmoil.

Chief Chirey, who presided over the matter, suggested to the two families involved that they try to reach a settlement, facilitating the resolution of this unique case.

The unexpected circumstances surrounding the divorce case left many observers baffled, highlighting the impact that personal perceptions of beauty can have on intimate relationships.

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