EASADOL Unveils Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo as Brand Ambassador

Easadol, the leading premium painkiller brand in Nigeria, is proud to announce the appointment of Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo as its Brand Ambassador.

The partnership was officially unveiled on Saturday, June 17, 2023, marking an exciting chapter for both Easadol and the renowned Nollywood actor, Trek Africa Newspaper can report. 

Easadol, manufactured by May & Baker Nigeria PLC, has consistently provided effective pain relief to millions of Nigerians for almost a decade.

With a commitment to helping millions of Nigerians to manage headache, mild to moderate pains and feverish conditions, Easadol has become a trusted name in the healthcare industry, addressing various types of pain and discomfort.

Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo, an accomplished actor, model, and philanthropist, has captivated audiences with his exceptional talent and magnetic presence on screen.

With numerous critically acclaimed performances to his credit, Ninalowo has won the hearts of millions, establishing himself as one of Nigeria’s most beloved and influential personalities.

The collaboration between Easadol and Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo is a natural synergy, bringing together two exceptional entities to deliver a powerful message of pain relief and overall well-being.

As the new Brand Ambassador, Ninalowo will lend his credibility, charisma, and passion to raise awareness about the benefits and effectiveness of Easadol in managing pain, enabling Nigerians to live their lives to the fullest.

Expressing his excitement about the partnership, Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo said, “I am honored to join forces with Easadol, a brand that shares my values of excellence and improving lives.

As someone who understands the importance of physical and emotional well-being, I am committed to promoting Easadol’s mission of providing reliable and fast pain relief to Nigerians across the nation.”

The Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, May & Baker Nigeria PLC, Pharm.

Valentine Okelu, commented, “We are thrilled to have Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo as the face of Easadol.

His immense popularity, authenticity, and dedication to his craft make him the perfect choice to represent our brand.

With Ninalowo’s involvement, we aim to reach new heights in creating awareness about Easadol’s benefits and ensuring that more Nigerians can experience the fast relief it offers.”

The partnership between Easadol and Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo, brokered by Outdoors and Billboards Nigeria Limited, a leading full service advertising agency in Nigeria, signifies a shared commitment to improving the well-being of Nigerians.

Together, they will embark on an exciting journey, empowering individuals to overcome pain and embrace a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

About Easadol:

Easadol is a premium painkiller brand manufactured by May & Baker Nigeria PLC, renowned for its commitment to provide millions of Nigerians with fast relief from headache, mild to moderate pains and feverish conditions.

With a wide range of products including Easadol Regular, Easadol Suspension, and Easadol Plus addressing various types of pain, Easadol has been a trusted name in Nigeria’s healthcare industry since its inception.

About Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo:

Bolanle “Nino” “Makanaki” Ninalowo is a highly acclaimed Nigerian actor, model, and philanthropist.

 ,Known for his exceptional talent and impactful performances, Ninalowo has garnered a massive following, establishing himself as one of Nigeria’s most beloved personalities.

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