President Tinubu Approves new Appointment

Akindele Egbuwalo, National N-POWER Program Director has been appointed as acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and National Coordinator of the National Social Investment Program Agency NSIPA, President Tinubu had earlier suspended Halima Shehu as National Coordinator of NSIPA on Tuesday, January 2, over allegations of corruption and financial misappropriation during her tenure.

Shehu had assumed office in October 2023 following his confirmation by the Senate on October 18, 2023.

Egbuwalo takes up the role from his previous position as manager of the national N-Power programme.

His appointment is seen as an interim measure pending the outcome of the investigation into the allegations against Shehu.

The National Social Investment Program is an important initiative aimed at alleviating poverty and promoting social inclusion across Nigeria.

The appointment of Egbuwalo, who has experience in leading the N-Power programme, is seen as a strategic move to ensure continuity and expertise in the crucial area of social investment.






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