Court-martial of 27 Soldiers for Attempted Mutiny

Twenty-seven soldiers in Sierra Leone appeared Monday before a military court charged with mutiny over their alleged role in what authorities say was an attempted coup in November.

Security was beefed up around the court in the capital Freetown, where proceedings were later adjourned until Wednesday, Channels TV reported.

The 27 defendants had a difficult time making their way to the court-martial stand.

According to an AFP journalist at the scene, Minister of Justice Mohamed Lamin Tarawalley was also present in the courtroom.

On November 26, armed attackers broke into a military armory, two barracks, two prisons and two police stations and clashed with security forces.

Twenty-one people were killed and hundreds of prisoners escaped before the authorities regained control after an attempted coup by members of the armed forces.

At least 80 people have been arrested in connection with the clashes, most of them soldiers.

Last week, former president Ernest Bai Koroma was charged with treason and other crimes for his role in the events. His trial was adjourned until January 17.

Authorities have charged 12 other people with treason in connection with the coup attempt, including Amadou Queta, a former soldier and Koroma’s bodyguard.

Violence in Sierra Leone in late November had sparked fears of another military coup in West Africa, where Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Guinea have experienced coups since 2020.





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