We Have Recovered A Helicopter, Other Valuables From The Previous Administration – Osun Asset Recovery Committee

At least five hundred and eighty vehicles, terrain and other valuables were discovered, including the state-owned helicopter allegedly taken by officials of the previous administration.

The findings were compiled by the Asset Recovery and Inventory Committee established by Osun Governor Senator Ademola Adeleke.

Speaking on behalf of other members, the chairman of the committee, Dr. Bashir Tokunbu Salam, said this while reporting on his responsibility to Governor Adeleke in his office on Monday.

“The committee has interfaced with 51 Ministries, Departments and Agencies and 30 Local Government Areas, including Area Offices where Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Local Government Administration.

“With negotiations with government agencies, the Commission was able to obtain the necessary details about the whereabouts of property that several political holders in the previous administration had converted into personal property, their employees,” Salami noted.

In response, Governor Adeleke thanked the committee for the painstaking work it has done.

He also promised that he will look at the report in detail and work on the recommendations for the benefit of the people of the state.

Adeleke authorized the commission to restore the Osun helicopter even though it was damaged.

The Daily Post recalled that officials of the Adegboyega Oyetola administration vehemently denied that they owned state-owned properties.

Both the former governor and his deputy, Benedict Alabi, through their spokesmen, have denied the accusations, pointing out that the properties in their possession were personal that they used during their tenure.

Due to the disagreement, the November 2022 salaries of political appointees who served in the previous administration, including the former governor and his deputy, have been withheld by Governor Adeleke.




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