Student Loan Bill: Tinubu to set up an Education Bank

It is anticipated that an education bank will be established due to the Student Loan Bill that President Bola Tinubu has just signed into law.

 At the Presidential Palace in Abuja on Monday, President Tinubu signed the law into law.

Note that the national assembly approved the move in November 2022, which aims to provide interest-free loans to needy Nigerian students.

Former House Speaker Femi Gbagabyamila was the sponsor of the bill.

Recall that, speaking in one of his campaigns, Tinubu promised to offer student loans as part of efforts to develop the education sector as well as build youth capacity.

Tinubu contracts at the British Royal Institute in London.

“Young people are the greatest asset of tomorrow,” Tinubu told Chatham House while answering questions from attendees at the event, adding that they will be part of his “all-inclusive” government, nominating the governor of the State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

“The education system is going to change.

We would review it and deal with certain areas with the philosophy that no one will be left behind.

There will be student loans for all.

We will reform the Almajiri system, equally we will build more schools, hire more teachers and train them,” the former governor of Lagos state said.

To further assist young people, he said, his government, if elected, will equally promote technology centers where young people can acquire digital skills to better develop leadership skills.

“Young people can develop technological languages on their own and take a better 21st century approach to governance in Nigeria,” he said.






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